LOGGA ARBetween 1994 and 2000, GDM was half owner of Arosfestivalen which at the time was Sweden's fourth biggest city festival. Gunnar Dalborg served as festival director and the overall impression was a festival for all ages and all cultures. No entrance fees, stable economy, and very few regime intervention. From several scenes were all from the basement tapes (where some of our now famous artists were) to full symphony orchestra with among Tchaikowskys 1812 along with City Hall's carillon and the yacht club guns. It also did the famous Wallman salons premiere and success outside security in Stockholm and the engineers at ABB competed in boat races on Svartå river with improbable craft. In The Art Museum there was the piano relay where the festival general each year got to play four hand piano with beloved Swedish pianists, both classical and jazz. Yes, say the Swedish artist who didn't visit the festival during these years.