Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - this 13 - piece orchestra with a Roma background - has with his joy and technical expertise gone from strength to strength in all Europe. As well as in Canada and the United States. As late as 2010 they made a success at the Roskilde Festival. Boban & Marko Markovic is real bridge builders and ambassadors of Balkan Culture at it's best. In a year like this (2012) when Roma for just a few weeks ago celebrated its 500 year anniversary in Sweden, the " timing " could hardly be better. In the Balkans, the orchestra noticeably cross. There exists no political boundaries, but instead an amazing symbiosis with the audience who get to experience this . The orchestra opens the doors and inside is mostly about the boundless joy .

Gunnar Dalborg has engaged Boban Marcovic both at The Malar Music Festival (2010) and Kristianstad (2012) in connection with handball in Kristianstad Arena .
Gladly more times when Boban Markovic are fine ambassadors for Roma culture. För more information and pictures.