GDM Gunnar Dalborg Marketing Ltd was founded in 1981 and quickly grew into an agency with 10's employees and several freelancers.


Throughout ten years between 1985-1995 GDM worked with international direct mail campaigns to ASSI-Domain and Frövi. It was a mission with many challenges. It could sometimes be about two to three targeted campaigns in a year to customers all over Europe for up to six languages ​. Prior to every mailing/personal visits were a kick-off seminar with sales companies anywhere in Europe. Thanks to a consistent message and a professional monitoring of motivated sellers, the sales figures landed on a whole new level . 




Just in time for Vasteras 1000 anniversary in 1990 Aros Congress Center stood clearly. A conference of over 9000 sqm. Right across the street was also built Vasteras tallest building "Skrapan" where the Grand Hotel initially responded to the hotel business. Later was even built a exhibition hall, Aros Expo Center as an additional parking deck atop the parking garage "Punkt". There are currently other activities and hotel "Skrapan" is now run by First Hotel Plaza in collaboration with the Aros Congress Center . Today, the ACC is even larger, 24,000 square meters , the building is directly adjacent to Västerås Concert Hall which opened in 2002.


NEW CLEAABB Atom (formerly ASEA Atom) was GDM's main account right from the start in 1981 until 1994. During this time constructed Atom, with perhaps the world's foremost nuclear technologies, thermal power reactor SECURE and nuclear reactor PIUS, where security was entirely based on the laws of nature. A meltdown was not possible in practice. This occurred while the Swedish nuclear power was the best in the world in terms of availability.
But the politicians were different. PIUS and SECURE never become a reality, the world's top nuclear power would be shut down starting in Barseback and the country lost invaluable skills that now make their mark in the Swedish maintenance.