GUNNAR-2I was born in a parsonage in Sater, Dalecarlia, Sweden at Annunciation 1945. 2009 I married Lotta. I have two daughters from before with two grandchildren and three bonus daughters and four bonus grandchildren.

Schools and education
I graduated at Peter Fjellstedt Boarding School in Uppsala 1965 with Greece and Latin. Then I got a Master of Economics at Uppsala University in 1971, mixed with the humanities. By then I had also done military service as Personnel Welfare Officer. I got a little education later on. Advertising and Publisher leadership and Crisis communications within the Psych defense. In a desire to possibly reach a PhD in business ethics, it also became an essay on energy companies' business ethics.

My first permanent job was traditional Svenska Telegrambyrån as Media director before it later became Ogilvy & Mather in 1972. Before that I had practiced both in the sales department at Avesta Steel Works and Swedish Marketing Federation and also done consultancy work for the Swedish Direct-Marketing Federation (current Swedma) which at the time became the basis for the complete conversion of the Swedish DR registers. After several years as a project manager and copy at a few agencies, I started my own in 1981, GDM Marketing AB, the company that today is active, but a little more limited. In 2000, I returned to Falun Dalecaria and a couple of years as president of the Foundation for Falun Copper Mine, where the mission was primarily to develop the mine visits Falu Copper Mine to a World Heritage along with all the old industrial sites that belonged to the mine.

70s and 80s were very rich. Alongside agency work, I taught at (MEU) market for economists in market and competitive analysis and served as the seminar leader for several years at Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies in marketing. I also was hired by SAS as a project manager for SAS Grand Prix, horse jumping, and even drove a subsidiary of the International Press Marketing Group for a few years. Between 1994-2000, I was also the president and co-owner of The Aros Festival (4th in Sweden). During Falu time I met pianist Patrik Jablonski and when he several years later converged in Västerås, we started Dalborg Jablonski & Production. 2006-2010 who owned and produced Malar Music, an international festival worthy of the name. We also produced Vaxjo Classic for a few years.

Own business as well as some events and projects
GDM worked mainly as a business to business agency in 70-80s with 6-12 employees. ABB and all subsidiaries were the Agency's spine. But there was also Sälenfjällen (Ski Resort), ASSI-Domain (Paper & Carton), Avesta (Stainelss steel), Bahco (Tools), Gadelius (Trading) and Grimaldis. And not least, the basic work with Aros Congress Center in Vasteras. It was a time of much project management, writing lyrics and creative work. Most often directed towards the international market with a campaigning as extensive film, video, slide shows, exhibitions, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, corporate image and plenty of brochures and technical information. It also became a major film project with Håkan Ersgård and my daughter Maria who unfortunately did not come into port because of his passing. In the late '80s had GDM thankfully more legs to stand on, namely, Sponsorships and Events. It began with Pentecost races in Stromsholm 1987, which lasted until 1996, when even Swedish Grand National was a similar principal. 1992 was special Pony Championships in Drottningholm park, the residence of the Swedish royal family, with the royal family as loyal guest. And not least 1994-96 sponsorship/exhibition manager at boot time by the Stockholm International Horse Show at the Globe Arena.

Association and trust
Club activities began early but took more momentum during student years in Uppsala. I sat as chairman of the Market Association in Västmanland between 1977-1980 and was almost simultaneously District President of Round Table for a few years. In the IAA (International Advertising Association), I sat in the Board for almost 10 years as the Foundation Fryx that created the largest private school with mainly music and dance. I was also involved in creating Vasteras entrepreneurial center in Jobs & Society, and when I was festival director created Swedish Festival Association. Aerobics has also been close to my heart, not just as a director during the 10's years, but also as an active exerciser, which is still ongoing. Then, of course, Rotary, where I served as president twice, both in Västerås and in Aahus as charter president.

Spare time to time.
Obviously pampered in Vittskövle and golf at DWGK. Aerobics and running along with Lotta, skiing when there is snow (3 Vasaloppet) and skating (when there is ice). So of course the piano, mostly classical music (which right now is more and more with plenty of four-handed). In SHT, I additionally outlet for songs, strange lyrics and piano comedy.