GDM Concerts have been developed in recent years and started with Music by the Lake Mälaren 2006. Today it may be about recordings, own music, touring and individual concerts.


GDM has been since the 80s participated in music production in the form of concerts, tours and festivals. But also record production for various clients. Among other things GDM produced both text and music in conjunction with Gadelius 100th anniversary as well as a Fight song for there icehocky-team Djurgården. The most recent addition (2012) are shown here. An attraction CD with music by Flotow and Offenbach Cello, piano recorded at Dunker in Helsingborg. Carl Peterson, piano and Estera Rajnicka, cello. 


Krakows Kgl. Akademiska OrkesterDELEKTA

I In August 2014, it is time for a tour again.
This time it's about Krakow's Royal Academic Orchestra. There is not any orchestra anywhere. Most of the orchestra consists of members of the legendary violinist Nigel Kennedy's private Orchestra of Life, and belongs to the prestigious Academy of Music in Krakow, where the orchestra members for everyday teaching eg solo playing or working on his doctorate. The orchestra is led by Rafal Delekta, one of Europe's most prestigious conductors. So expect a concert out of the ordinary with only professional soloists in the orchestra along with two internationally active Swedish (Skåne) musician: Magnus Nilsson (bassoon) and Peter Wilgotsson (saxophone). Additionally, one of Poland's most respected cellists, Jan Kalinowski.
Compere: Gunnar Dalborg


TOMAS AVCome and experience the joy of Tomas Tranströmer received the Nobel Prize in Literature. An evening with his poems will of course also be filled with music, as they often refer to piano playing and music, both classical and jazz. Read by Ingvar Berg. For the music responds brothers Gunnar and Mats Dalborg. The program has already made a number of occasions in Mälardalen, Stockholm and Öland. The program takes about one and a half hour and can be easily customized.


W A Mozart (1756-1791) Adagio from the Flute Quartet in F 295

STORM from 17 Poems, 1954
About Tomas Tranströmer, Nobel Prize in Literature 2011
C. Nielsen (1865-1931) Fog Lifts

ALLEGRO from the Half-finished Heaven, 1962
J Haydn (1732-1809) Sonate No 23
Gunnar de Frumerie (1908-1987) Saraband from Pastoral suite
F Chopin (1810-1849) Nocturne in D flat major

C Major from the Half-finished heaven
E Grieg (1843-1907) Nocturne in C major
S Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) vocalise op.34 No. 14

Identification of Night Vision, 1970
J S Bach (1685-1750) Siciliano (G minor) from Sonata No. 11 in E flat major
J S Bach Sarabande from solopartita in A minor

BEFORE THE TIME RADIO MAST from East Lakes, 1974
F Chopin (1810-1849) Berceuse in D flat major

MARCH -79 from the Wild Square, 1983
Robert Hahn (1908-2001) The desire of Bo Setterlinds Rosa Rosarum
L. van Beethoven (1770-1827) "Moonlight Sonata", 1st movement

ROMAN ARCHES from The Living and the Dead, 1989
Duke Ellington: Is God A Three Word For Love
Errol Garner: Misty
L Hart, Arranged by Lee Evans: My Funny Valentine

Subject to changes

Invar Bergh

INGVAR RRead by Ingvar Bergh, often engaged in similar contexts and with a background as a teacher of, among other things recitation and teaching drama at Dalarna University.


Gunnar Dalborg


For the music responds Gunnar Dalborg, piano, now living in southern Sweden with a past in Vasteras, Tranströmer resident for 35 years. Gunnar has among other things been President of the World Heritage Kopparberget Falun Mine and but also The Malar International Music Festival along with Patrik Jablonski. He hired often as an accompanist in a professional context.


Mats Dalborg

MATS 200Gunnar's brother Mats Dalborg, flute, has among other things been a priest in Gärdslösa, Oland - Erik Johan Stagnelius birthplace and founded the Society Stagnelii Friends. Mats is a musician and has composed several Swedish poets.


Since the first concert of 2008, Archetti (Orkiestra Kameralna Archetti ), precisely because of their energy, achieved success after success in both Austria, Belgium and Germany. In the spring of 2013 had GDM , with Gunnar Dalborg as tour leader, the privilege of caring for a tour starting in Poland. Thereafter, southern Sweden and Västerås, not far from Stockholm. Solo artists was Carl Peterson, piano, and John Hudson, tenor . Here you can read more about the tour :


Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - this 13 - piece orchestra with a Roma background - has with his joy and technical expertise gone from strength to strength in all Europe. As well as in Canada and the United States. As late as 2010 they made a success at the Roskilde Festival. Boban & Marko Markovic is real bridge builders and ambassadors of Balkan Culture at it's best. In a year like this (2012) when Roma for just a few weeks ago celebrated its 500 year anniversary in Sweden, the " timing " could hardly be better. In the Balkans, the orchestra noticeably cross. There exists no political boundaries, but instead an amazing symbiosis with the audience who get to experience this . The orchestra opens the doors and inside is mostly about the boundless joy .

Gunnar Dalborg has engaged Boban Marcovic both at The Malar Music Festival (2010) and Kristianstad (2012) in connection with handball in Kristianstad Arena .
Gladly more times when Boban Markovic are fine ambassadors for Roma culture. För more information and pictures.

IMG 3341

Not so far from Vittskövle (my home), where the undulating Osterlen in the very south of Sweden begins, lies Drakamöllan nestled among hills, beech woods and pastures . Here Mrs Ingalill Thorsell created a fantastic place for rest, relaxation and culinary experiences. The farm is packed of cultural experiences particularly opera. You can read more about the  And how Gunnar Dalborg appear in the picture are , inter alia, on


LOGGO MUIn 2006 even in 2010 I ran The Malar Music Festival with Patrik Jablonski as associate artistic director in Dalborg Jablonski & Production . One of the most enjoyable things I've done. The concept was based on Sweden to take a foreign Symphony Orchestra, and from this to build an international music festival hostname with international artists, concerts, seminars, music evenings a la Schubert and social interaction. Thanks to professional artists with much warmth and presence, sponsor support and a grateful audience, it worked very well . Please check the links below.

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